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Isaac Alcantar

Isaac Alcantar

Lawrenceville, GA


Artist Statement

Art reflects my surroundings, culture and thoughts. Art is an adventure of discovery that takes me on a journey of exposure using color, texture and subject.
Art allows me to enjoy feelings of pleasure and emotion cause by living in a new culture.

Life Experience

I started when I was in elementary drawing cartoons my art progressed through to tracing and finally to free hand drawing. I was encouraged by my parents and family to counted with art and in high school I took more classes in various mediums. While in high school in AP class my instructor told my that where other students more talented than me. This statement upset me, and drove me to work harder and improve my drawing skills in order to excel with my art.

My journey touch me to drawing classes from Bill Steven's at the Hudgens Art Center in GA. I took drawing lessons for over 2 years. Bill suggested that I moved on and learn to paint all my drawings. I then started looking at gallery's that offered classes or mentors for emerging artist. On one visit to Kudzu Art Zone to view their Open Art Exhibition, I met David Raderstorf, director of Kudzu. I have my portfolio with me and ask if I can show it to him. He told me, "Can't you see we are in the middle of an exhibition with hundreds of people in the gallery. Dave told he will look at my art later.

Dave Raderstorf has been my mentor and painting instructor for over a year now. This past year, I entered 14 juried exhibitions and was excepted in to 12 exhibitions, including the Kudzu Open Exhibit and Georgia Watercolor Society member exhibition .

Juried Shows, Awards and Gallery Venues

Art Station Fall Juried Exhibition Sept 2013
Art Station Holiday Juried Exhibition Nov 2013
Atlanta Artist Center Cool Palette Exhibition Dec 2013
Art Station Holiday Juried Exhibition Dec 2013
Atlanta Artist Center Synchronicity Exhibition Jan 2014
Atlanta Artist Center The Red Dash Feb 2014
Atlanta Artist Center March Inspiration Mar 2014
Atlanta Artist Center Dogwood Show Exhibition Apr 2014
Atlanta Artist Center All Points Of View 2014 May 2014
Atlanta Artist Center Reality Or Abstraction Jun 2014
Kudzu Art Zone Open Exhibition May 2014
Georgia National Fair Exhibition Sep 2014- 1rd place and 3 place award
Georgia Watercolor Society Member Show Oct 2014
Kudzu Artist Center Long Way Home Dec 2014-People choice award
Atlanta Artist Center Cool Palette Dec 2014
Kudzu Artist Center Joy Of Movement Jan 2015

Professional Memberships

Art Station Stone Mountain, GA
Atlanta Artist Center, GA
Kudzu Art Zone Norcross, GA
Georgia Watercolor Society, GA


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